Make a Head start

SIL combines RFID and E-paper technology and creates intelligent control systems for efficiency demanding automatization processes of today and tomorrow.

Use Cases

Our technology offers a wide range of applications. Everywhere where a process is in movement or changing conditions have to be captured, SIL can develop a solution.

Quality control

E-Paper-Display with control features on engine unit.

Process control

Display of environment data like temperature, tremor, acceleration, etc for data logging f.e. for the Cold-Chain-Control.


Display and continuous control of operation conditions on engine units or in the production headquarter.


E-Paper-Displays as useful instrument for error detection and complete maintenance documentation.


Alterable applications and central updates per mouse click without the disadvantages of conventional labelling.


Activation feature in danger zones like high voltage cases, furnaces, cutting plant or rotating mechanics.

Display technique

Update of signage or display of occupancy in housing areas, hospitals, elderly homes or hotels.

Security technique

Display of tans on EC cards or latest account balance while using the card.


Maintenance /
Industrial Safety

As leading company of power production STEAG combines its knowhow of many different business units. One is the maintenance of power plants.

Besides continually cost optimization the focus is on control and planning of different maintenance processes which converge in a central IPS-system. The access often ends at the office of the foreman and does not reach the component on site.

At this point the solution of SIL applies. V-RFID-label and corresponding transponder as well as reader are helping to design mobile and paperfree processes of maintenance and activation – thanks to high protection classes even in outlying exteriors of the power plant.



Cashbox-Management / Logistics

In the field of cash-management the most important is security. As a result the crucial aspect is the localization or identification of the transporting value good which is mainly moved in cashboxes.

The project task was to analyze and optimize the whole process of cash circulation between bank or retail and customers. SIL developed a Smart-Label which displays important information for the value good carrier continuously without losing the information in case of error, for example by a broken system or a discharged battery.

Further manipulations on the cashbox were detectable directly and could be displayed permanently.



Container-Managment / Logistics

The Deutsche Post has to manage a huge logistic effort in its mail distribution centres. Quantities of containers with mailings ready for distribution pass the sorting plants to get to the right spot. For these parameters like destination address, storage location, and content are allocated to the containers. Indeed RFID technology is already applied in this process, however only implicit and linked to a paper-based barcode solution.

SIL has got the task to demonstrate how a reusable smart E-paper-label changes the situation. To this effect a demonstrator which pictures the basic functions was developed. We have demonstrated that a change to the E-paper solution would justify the effort.

As expected the application of the RFID-technology has optimized the logistic processes. However the technology shows all its advantages in the combination with E-paper and reduces as smartLabel the effort with conventional paperbased barcodes. With the application of the smartLabel the whole process of changing paper labels is obsolete. Further the smartLabel is better protected against environmental influences; it is still readable after intense humidity. If the display still fails, the data is saved on the storage of the smartLabel. Only the display has to be changed.