Technical Development

IYour project needs a partner who develops your plans and highlights them with technical concepts?
SIL has the right support for you:

Circuit Design

Out of your technical description and predefined functional requirement we develop the layout for electronic circuits.


An early involvement of the case concept during the design process of the electronic development avoids expensive reworks and eventual adaption. SIL develops cases and outer packaging for electronic boards fast hand in hand regarding IP protection classes in all established CAD data interchange formats.


Production Management

Your company concentrates on product development as well as marketing and sales. You want to plan, handle and accompany the production via an external partner. We support you in the production of electronic boards by assuming a reliable and efficient service for the management of your production. For example we determine the quality parameters for the production, control the compliance and organize if necessary external plant and capacity disposability. With our partners we offer you a solid network for your success.


For easy implementation or increasing the performance – the electronic of your product needs a software module for the connection to the control to get alive. SIL develops customized Software for the current operating systems (Windows, Android, Windows Mobile und Embedded Systems).


Besides customized development and integration of RFID systems and E-paper displays
SIL offers an extensive package of consulting components which can further your company:


Technology Consulting

SIL is by your side for the solution of scientific technical and economic problems which involve certain technology. It could be of your interest if a new technology involves a cost reduction in your production or when it pays back.
Another example is the question after a solution:

which technology do I need to solve a certain technical problem?


Research & Development Consulting

Your company practices basic research in an own R&D department. Your scientists are experts in their areas and are fully occupied with their actual projects. You want to increase the success security of your projects without increasing the costs too much.
SIL offers you the relief you need.
We support you by the selection and fund raising of public funds of national and European programs.

Your Contact

An expert in your field of activity. Use our knowhow for your project.

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