SIL stands for »System Integration Laboratory«. This acronym summarizes what our daily business is about: studying and developing process-related system integration solutions. In other words, we use RFID technology to develop turnkey or customizable applications that make a wide range of automated processes more efficient.

Founded in Paderborn as a family-owned technology business in 2008, SIL initially started doing contract research in the fields of EMR, RFID, telemetry and nanotechnology. In 2010 SIL widened its portfolio to include prototype building and the series production of RFID-based solutions. Since 2017, SIL has been part of the Faubel corporate group, one of the world's leading suppliers of functional labels, who has various locations in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Faubel's global orientation, modern equipment and the unique know-how of its over 260 employees enable SIL to combine hands-on project work with active research.
SIL or the entire Faubel corporate group is certified according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

We offer to our customers:   

  • E-paper displays (flexible, rigid, segmented, active matrix)
  • Steady and mobile RFID reader
  • Transponder for readout and writing of requested data
  • Sensor tags for detection of ambiance data like e.g. pressure, temperature, velocity, etc.
  • Function extended integration of other and new components

The Business Culture

SIL is committed to a value based business culture, which encourages partnership, dialog, transparency and performance. With enthusiasm we work and live according to team rules, which create the contact with each other fair, responsible and customer-oriented. Thereto belong flat hierarchies as well as short communication ways and transparent business processes.

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