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4. December 2018
LogiMAT 2019
7. March 2019

Full Power even without Battery

Smart labels with batteryless e-paper displays are a maintenance-free means for labeling transport boxes.

LogiMAT 2019: Faubel and SIL batteryless e-paper displays to optimize logistics processes.

“Batteryless does not work. That’s a statement we just couldn’t accept” explains Frank Jäger who is responsible for product development, sales and marketing on Faubel’s board and as well managing director at SIL. At LogiMAT 2019, Booth G15, Hall 4, they will show what they have been recently working on: Smart Labels with e-paper displays but without batteries.

In today’s production and logistics processes there is a need to display information — about goods or processes — in many different places. Classic examples are reusable plastic boxes that contain different goods bound for different destinations. Within a delivery process, it is possible to update or “rewrite” recipients’ addresses on e-paper displays using RFID technology. This way, the delivery process becomes faster and more efficient. In many cases, displays are a real advantage for intralogistics as the data they show can be repeatedly updated during production: individual parts are displayed first and then, the new assembly, when fitted together.

To further optimize these applications, Faubel and SIL now offer batteryless e-paper displays. “They are durable and maintenance free as well as easy to transport and dispose of,” says Jäger. The resolution is high enough for QR and Data Matrix codes as well as for letters and numbers. Hardware programming becomes easier since the whole data can change.

The modularity principle

The display is just one component in our Smart Label. According to Frank Jäger, “Faubel’s customers can choose the type of control and storage unit they want, i.e. an NFC or HF tag. Then, both components are encapsulated in cardboard or plastic enclosures.” Enclosures can be screwed or stuck to the goods, plugged in sideways or attached to them by magnets or Velcro. The modularity principle can be applied to a wide range of logistics processes and is therefore suitable for use in various industries.

A talk in Forum C

Visitors will not only be given detailed information about our Smart Labels when coming to our booth, but also during a presentation to be held in Forum C, Hall 4, on February 19, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm. There, Petra Schäffner, Business Development Manager at Faubel, will be giving a talk on the current state of technology called “Securing full power even without batteries?! Visualize your logistics data using the latest e-paper displays”.