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17. October 2018
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7. February 2019

Development for Electric Vehicles

The project team is testing the safety and functionality of new materials for EV power electronics.

SIL is partner in state-funded RobKom project.

As part of the project “Robuste Kommunikation in autonomen Elektrofahrzeugen (RobKom)” (Safe Communication in Self-Driving Electric Vehicles), the German Ministry of Education and Research is promoting the development of smart control for semiconductors in power electronics. SIL, which is part of the Faubel Group, is one of the six partners that do research on the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of semiconductors based on new materials such as silicon carbide. Coordinated by NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH, this research project that began in November 2018 is due to last until October 2021. The German Ministry of Education is investing 5.95 million euros to support RobKom.

This project aims to combine all-time safe and reliable communication between single components in electric vehicles with efficient power electronics. “Expectations placed on communication — both in-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle — are growing as a result of automation and digitization”, explains Tobias John, SIL’s Managing Director. Communication needs to be stable and reliable at all times for electric vehicles to be safe and function properly.

Our expertise in electronics and circuit design as well as our EMC knowledge will make a significant contribution to future mobility”, John adds.